Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beyond the Mullet

Cupid Mullet @ Surf Ride, V-Day 2004
As I write this, Ossicles will pass the 25,000 hit mark.  In terms of internet traffic, 25K over the course of what will soon be three years is what one could put mildly as "stunted growth," but for scribblings, many of which were never supposed to have seen light (beyond my own eyes) . . . it's pretty cool to think that people are actually checking this stuff out.  My audience has included Scandinavia, Brazil, South Africa, France, Australia . . . and I can't even speak Australian.  But every once in a while, when you hit a milestone, it's good to stop and flex.  Feel good about yourself.  Get yourself a nice something-something.  And then, just wallow in that accomplishment.

Ah yeah.  That's so nice.

What a journey.  I feel like we've learned so much along the way, together.  Like I learned that most of you only like to read about mullets.  The rest are here to read about music, look at surfing, and then a few creeps who have read about "Gaddaffi's Ass."  

Brilliant marketing.  I'll take two.

You've probably learned a lot about me as well.  You know I post on my blog with little to no regularity. This is to maintain an aura of mystery, especially with the lady-folk.  No one off galavanting around the globe should have time to make regular blog-posts.  You gotta keep 'em guessing.  Unfortunately, I haven't been getting much galavanting on as of late - thanks grad school (italics mean extra sarcasm, underlining means extra extra).

With the amount of reading, writing, and teaching I'm doing with school right now, I don't often come home and want to further any type of productivity that's tied my laptop (cooking has become a renewed passion because of this).  But I do promise you this, dear reader(s), I will continue feeding the blog while I'm in school, just enough to keep it alive whenever I can, and that way, if it survives, it may truly be worth more of my attention.  Who knows - maybe six-digits?  If only . . .

. . . I could find an all-mullet rock band full of chicks that surfed and had asses like Gaddafi . . .

. . . this blog would be in the billions!

But seriously, thanks for dropping in to check it out.  Your attention is not unappreciated, from whatever part of the globe it's coming from.  And in the spirit of giving, here's my latest bit of embarrassing bragging rights:

Yours Truly with big-wave legend "Flea" Virostko, Middle Peak, Steamer Lane, March 2012
"don't be that guy"

Over the last week, during my spring break, I got to surf very good Black's Beach by myself, surf perfect waves with sixty guys at Malibu, surf all-time Rincon, and polish it off back at home with great waves at the Lane, catching waves through Indicators into the middle of Cowell's Bay.  I surfed my magic Merrick single-fin the whole way up the coast; I didn't take a single picture; but I promise next time not to be so selfish.

Hope the sun is shining wherever you wander upon these words, aloha


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